Hotel & Restaurant Management

Hotel & Restaurant Management

Smart Order Taking Automate the whole order taking process using the Server’s App. it's the complete menu displayed, through which the waiters can accept and push the orders on to the POS. Hotel Banquet Management Automate the whole hotel banquet management process. Accept and track enquiries that you simply receive for booking the Banquet Hall. Create packages and therefore the FP (Function Prospectus) easily. Manage Billing Operations Easily settle the bill on-the-spot or transfer the bills on to the rooms through TTR (Transfer to Rooms). All orders placed by the resident guests are automatically assigned to the guests’ total bill and may be cleared at the time of checkout. Mini Bar Restocking Integrated with both the PMS (Property Management System), also because the restaurant POS, the Mini Bar Stocking App automates the method of beverage stock management in hotel rooms. Simply check the things that are consumed by the guests, while they’re checking-out and update the Stock status. Manage Customer Data Make the hotel resident a customer of your hotel restaurant, using the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. Run smart SMS and email campaigns to draw in them to dine at your F&B outlets. Collect the customer’s details and use the info across all of your outlets, encouraging them to go to your other branches also. Stock & Inventory Management Keep a track of the stock requirements of the hotel restaurant. Set re-order levels for individual stock items, that send you real-time alerts whenever a specific stock item is close to be depleted. Also, analyze the Stock Trends and identify which of the things are being consumed the foremost and which aren’t.Manage Bookings View all of your bookings together. Confirm, cancel, view all of your bookings from different OTAs in one place Log every move The Channel Manager logs every change made by the user so you'll audit what happened and when.


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